5 Holiday Video Ideas for Your Business

Holiday videos can provide some outstanding benefits to your company. They create personality and character. They can also help with branding your business and encouraging your customers to engage with you. If you’re wondering how you can create a few videos with a holiday theme that will get attention, consider a few specific ideals like these:

#1: Emotional Gestures

One type of holiday video that can work well for most businesses is one that depicts some type of emotional grand gesture. That is, it needs to pull on the heartstrings while also selling a product or service. You want it to tell a short story, but you also want to ensure the video offers some type of sentimental or meaningful memory or thought. For a good example, check out Reindeer Games from Microsoft.

#2: Personalized Holiday Videos

Another route to take is to incorporate some type of personalized holiday message. In some way, you want the video to be true to your company and offer something that is going to pull the viewer in. Incorporate the consumer’s name into the video. This works well for email newsletters that you are sending out during the holiday.

#3: Do Something Memorable and Cute

Finding a way to have some fun during the holidays is also important. You may just want to give your customers something simple and yet fun to remember you by this holiday. Here’s one key example. Software company Hootsuite, creates a simple video that is 40 minutes long. The only thing in the video is a crackling fireplace and a sleepy owl. That’s it. But it’s memorable.

#4: Get Your Staff Involved

There are times when you want to create a connection between your staff and your customer base. This is one of them. It can be easy to do. For example, you can create a short video of your favorite employees signing Christmas carols. Or, take that and place their images on the heads of elves dancing around. It’s a bit of animation that is going to get people to smile.

#5: Make It a Heartwarming Video Instead

While you can get all of the gimmicks you want out there, one surefire way to bring a smile on people’s faces is simply to offer a short, heartwarming video. A “happy holidays from us” type of video does not even need to include people. It can include a fun puppy or a winter scene. Your goal here is to just offer a direct message with a bit of branding on it that touches the hearts of those who watch it.

Holiday videos offer a lot of interest and many are opened more often than what you would expect from a traditional email campaign. They work well on social media, too. What is most important in this video is making it memorable and meaningful to your brand.


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