Emerging Video Trends As Seen In Successful Videos (Commercials/Viral Video)

Viral videos doing rounds on social networking sites often have thousands if not a million views. Emerging video trends have created, according to research done, awareness on products/services for marketers on social networking sites. The trend in viral videos in these current years challenges a number of suppositions and theories held on the same. A look at top viral videos confirm that the most viral content on social media are usually commercial corporate contents usually more than a minute long among other comical, musical, political and animal contents.

Emerging marketing video trends have diversified over the years with viewers’ expectations changing and growing rapidly. It is thus up to businesses to keep up the pace so as to meet these demands because, a single viral video connects to a thousand viewers equating to millions in revenue for businesses.

So why do these videos go viral within a short period of time? What should marketers have in mind to have a successful video? Well, let’s list a few of these factors.

A large percentage of people watch online videos at least once or twice every week. Unique, original and even emotional videos strongly attract and engage viewers encouraging them to in turn share them on to their networks on social media. It is paramount to have diverse videos falling within different categories with a tone of almost everything from humour to emotion to musical. Businesses can shine from other competitors within their field if they are ready to feature all these to attract more viewers.

Most successful videos stand out from other videos because they are simple and avoid using jazzy texts and logos. They mostly focus on the core purpose of the video which are customized to the viewers’ perception; Therefore, video ads made by businesses for commercial reasons need to be simply tailor-made to attract viewers in turn encouraging sharing on other platforms.

Humour in Advertising
Videos that reach a million hits over short periods often have a little bit of humour and jokes incorporated in their message. Who wouldn’t want a little laugh after all? Videos meant for commercial purposes can add a little bit of fun so as to permanently create an impression to viewers. This will encourage video sharing and drive traffic to their websites. Videos that have a lasting positive reaction to viewers will most definitely encourage them to purchase products from websites that upload these short funny clips.

Final Lessons
It is important to note and remember that most top viral videos last longer than one minute, changing the shift from 30 second short online ad videos. Additionally, emerging video trends shift from the normal and formal trend to more funny, animated and cool clips to advertise their products/services. This trend has quickly picked up and as technology advances, people expect a shift from old and common advertising methods to more engaging online ads on social networking sites as Facebook and LinkedIn. These are just a few factors that create successful videos.


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