Essential Business Videos that Every Company Can Use

What types of videos does your business use? For some businesses, using a variety of videos can provide new opportunities to connect with customers and share information. It is important to choose videos that fit your specific, current need. However, business owners should also know the various styles of visions available and when each works. Here’s a look at some of your options.

Product Videos

This is perhaps one of the best options available. They provide a way for your audience to learn about a product’s features, design, and benefits. You’ll use this type of video to show how your product works to benefit your audience.

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos go further and provide a more in-depth amount of information to the audience. They are meant to be educational and provide solutions to customer or client problems. Many times, they relate directly back to your product. You’ll want to use this as a more friendly and conversational way to communicate information.

Testimonial Videos

There are fewer ways to secure a sale than to have a previous customer share a testimonial about your product or service. These videos are excellent tools for building your brand. Your customers are in them, sharing their experience. It’s a great way to win over your customer who is on the fence about buying from you.

Promotional Videos

The promotional video is a sales pitch to your customer base. While they are meant to sell a product, these videos still need to communicate your brand to your customers. Use it to showcase an event. Use them to invite people in for a special sales day. Connect through your branding.

Employee Training Videos

Videos are often thought of as tools for customers, but they can also be exceptional in communicating your brand, products, and work expectations to employees as well. These training videos do not just need to be hands-on, “here’s how to do this” type of videos. They also case share insight into the company and the role employees plan in it.

Social Videos

Social videos are meant for all of your social media accounts. Many of the largest social media websites – such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram – encourage you to post videos. This is an excellent way to get your customers to know your brand. You may wish to do them live, but even placing these videos on your social media and website can work as well.

These are some of the most important videos for your business. The good news is you can work with a video production company to help make them come to life.


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