Inside the Studio: New handheld stabilizer

Check this out. It’s our new custom build handheld camera stabilizer built exclusively by our studio for Kicker’s shoots.
The system is is designed to allow fluid movement even while walking or running.

We designed it for using DSLR cameras like the Canon 5DmIII (in the photo – we were testing using a Sony camcorder) and eventually larger 4k cameras. The system is similar to the gymbals we built for our aerial remote controlled camera drones. But really the idea came from a similar system called the Freefly from MoVi (which costs nearly $20k). Ours costs under 3k and guess what? We built it with a lot more features than the Freefly which gives our videographers a competitive advantage in a variety of situations. Watch for some very smooth and fluid motion in our upcoming client videos! Want a demo? Call us to arrange. And yes, we will rent it to other production firms.


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