Legitimacy Crisis: An Opportunity for You

A great many people have lost confidence in institutions that they have historically trusted for information and guidance. The trustworthiness of politicians, banks, corporations, and the media are increasingly called into question. People are looking elsewhere to find out what is happening in the world, to understand what it means for others, and to understand what it means for them. This dynamic is occurring across the political spectrum.


Communicate Across Boundaries

As a result, there are many openings for individuals whose knowledge and insights would never have been sought in times past. Advances in technology have created the conditions by which people can communicate across boundaries of all sorts. If you have something to say, the technology exists to allow you to say it!

Do you want to know what is happening across the world? You can. You now have the capacity to connect with people who live in another country, speak a language that you don’t, and exist in conditions that are foreign to you.

Do you want to know how international banks are amassing unprecedented profits and paying their top-level executives unimaginable bonuses? You can. You have the option of consulting a wide range of sites – often established and operated by former financial industry insiders – that offer insights that you can’t find in the mainstream media.


Become a contributor

Do you want to contribute to this new system of information distribution and analysis? You can. There are many video-hosting services that welcome insights and reportage that the mainstream press is no longer able to offer. For the very reasons that historical authorities are losing their legitimacy, keen observers are sought after for their ability to penetrate the system and unravel truth from propaganda. People want to know. The audience is already there.

Video is a favourite tool for astute new commentators who are increasingly sought after. Do you want to know where to invest? Do you not trust the government’s explanation for a military intervention? What are the policy options that the mainstream media is not reporting? A new paradigm for understanding the world is emerging from within the Internet.

Everyone has potentially something to offer in this new context. Citizen journalism and participatory media are two terms that have arisen to describe this phenomenon. The principle at the base of this new trend is that citizens need not be passive receivers of the news. On the contrary, by being curious and seeking to inform themselves, citizens become journalists and audience at the same time. The power of information is put in the hands of the people who seek the stories and provide the analysis at the same time. Hence, some refer to the phenomenon as democratic media.

Do you have something to offer that is not available through the traditional media? That is where we come in! Contact us to discuss what it is you have to offer. We are here to help you transform your idea into action!


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