Pro tips to help you film yourself

Filming yourself
Pro tips for filming yourself

As a blogger, influencer, or even content creator, it is important to know how to film others to create quality videos in order to promote a good brand image. But what about filming yourself? It is just as important to be able to create quality video when it comes to creating short videos that you will then post on social networks, or even longer videos such as live videos or Youtube videos. There’s a real art to filming yourself correctly, which can require practice to master. So let’s dip into the main tips to help you improve how you capture footage of yourself !

  1. Use the right camera

Buy the best camera you can afford and look for a camera that has a flip screen so you can see what you look like as you speak. Alternatively, you can purchase an external screen that’ll easily connect via HDMI. If you’re off on an adventure, you could also invest in a GoPro. They’re waterproof and can be attached to anything. These days, you want a camera that films at a resolution of at least 1080p, but 4K is definitely not essential. Also, there’s nothing worse than wobbly footage, so you must put your camera on a stable surface, but if you have a budget, definitely invest in a good tripod.

  1. A quality audio is a must

Audio makes up fifty percent of the overall quality of a video. If your audio is rubbish, your video will most likely be rubbish. It’s also worth letting audio factor into your decision of where you film yourself. Excessive wind or background noise can ruin your footage! Search for a time and place that’s quiet, like a studio or an office. 

  1. Think about the lighting 

If you want your image to look fantastic on people’s screens, then you need to carefully consider the light you film in. Make sure you don’t stand with a window behind you for example. If you want to control your lighting then it’s better to film inside, using lights specifically created for this purpose. The right setup will create a softer light, stopping you from getting harsh shadows that can ruin your image.

  1. Be yourself !

Try to relax when filming yourself. It’s worth practicing first and accepting that it might take time to appear confident on camera. Just because you’re not immediately into it, doesn’t mean that you won’t find your groove eventually. It is also important to be authentic on camera when filming yourself ! Don’t try too hard to look like someone else, just be yourself and start recording !


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