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Start-ups, companies growing by leaps and bounds and big multi-nationals.
Our clients love what we bring to the table because we measure success the same way you do. More leads, more sales and more staff engagement. Our video production Services help you win with video.

Corporate Videos

You want to reach business customers, external stakeholders and/or internal staff. We have produced over 1000 videos aimed at communicating your message clearly and with confidence. Mission statements, training content, quarterly messages, facility tours and recruitment videos.

Sales & Marketing Videos

You need more than a creative team to move the needle. You need experience, trust and a video production partner that knows what it’s like to run a sales team or marketing group. By connecting with us, you get sound strategic thinking and the best creative, on time and on budget. Find out why the countries biggest and brightest trust Kicker.

Explainer Videos / Motion Graphics

Need to explain your product or service quickly? We've won a ton of international creative awards for storytelling using motion graphics and animation. From funny to serious, we help you craft a great story and help you drive leads and close more deals faster than ever.

Personalized Videos

Imagine creating one video, but then personalizing it for EVERY person on your target list. Yep, we're doing it by inserting your client's data (anything really) and personalizing 50 or 5000 different videos for you. Video production on a new level!

3D Animation

Today’s markets demand they see before they buy. But how do you help your clients visualize your product or project if you only have simple drawings or illustrations? We take those files and bring them to life with breathtaking results. And don’t worry, it won’t break the bank.

Camera and Editing Services

Need just a HD shooter or editor? Our field video production team shoots for broadcasters and filmmakers all over North America and around the globe. Our editors can take your content and make it sing. Contact us for our rate card.

VR & 360 Video

We film and produce virtual reality experiences everywhere. Our team of operators and directors are always exploring new techniques and new interactions.

Interactive Video

We create interactive videos where your viewers choose their path within the video. Tell more personalized stories, deepen engagement and watch conversions skyrocket.

Production Process

big idea
We create videos people love

And it all starts with an email or phone call. A free no-strings attached discussion about your video project will yield a fast proposal in your inbox.

You know those videos your competitors are doing? You can do better and Kicker is here to help. Just ask our clients. Kicker enjoys a 93% client retention rate.

We are innovative

You might feel like this video project in front of you is a bit of a beast. Where to start?

You are in good hands with Kicker. We’ve produced thousands of hours of video content over the years. We have the latest gear, the smartest most creative bunch around and yes, even our coffee machines rock. Let us worry about how to get your video project done. You go ahead and plan the launch party.

Our clients love our work

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