The 3 Biggest Myths of Video Marketing

If you have realized the potential of video marketing and started producing your videos already, you have taken the first big step. However, if you are still not able to see the desired results, there may be a few things you haven’t got right yet. In fact, there are some fairly common yet utterly misleading myths about video content marketing that you must not use.

Here are the top 3 myths related to video marketing:

Keep It Under Three Minutes

You may have seen or read somewhere that the average attention span of a viewer is somewhere close to 2 minutes 53 seconds. This means that any video longer than that is likely to go unseen. That doesn’t make much sense in the wake of reality however. In fact, it probably just means that most videos are only able to keep the viewers engaged for that amount of time. There are no hard and fast rules about how long a video should be and if you have truly engaging content, the viewers will stay hooked to the very end. The most important element is the content of the video, not how much or how little of it you put up.

Market Videos Just For Lead Generation

There is no doubt that videos can be of great help with lead generation and lead generation can, at the end, be a very rewarding thing for your business. However, that shouldn’t be the sole purpose of your video content marketing program. You must utilize your videos as a means to connect with your audience, provide valuable information that increases the customer’s faith in your product or services and promotes loyalty and repeat business, as the customer relates to your business ethics and you on an emotional level. If you begin to understand this concept, you will see the many layers embedded in the video marketing process and how you can exploit each area to develop the strongest relationship with your customers, forging a near permanent market.

Viral is the Word

Its not. You must understand that despite the most sincere of efforts, making a video that goes viral can very well be a matter of chance. You cannot build the foundation of a strong business on the basis of a viral video. These type of videos don’t get you a target audience and it’s very likely that a very small percentage of the viewers of a viral video will actually convert to sales or add any value to your business.

Steer clear of any such myths and adhere to the basics like good script and content to make the most of your video marketing campaign.


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