The Case for Using Video on Your Blog

Are you using video on your blog? Video production has grown in importance over the last few years. No matter if you have a small blog you are monetizing or one you are running for your large business, video should be a valuable and important component of the process. When can adding video to a blog be useful? As a business owner, it’s important to embrace this technology as it can help to define your blog and your business from the competition.

Should You Invest in a Video for Your Blog?

Creating a video for your blog is an investment in your time and your marketing project. It’s easy enough to take video that’s already out there, use photos, or even just repurpose the same blog content again and again. However, there are outstanding reasons to invest in actual blog videos for your business.

Your Customer Is Looking for It

Though your customer may not be looking for a video from you specifically, they are likely looking for a video on the product or service you offer. A good example of this demand is on YouTube. If you visit the site and do a search for a few keywords that represent your blog’s theme, product or service, you’ll see there’s likely a demand for content like yours could be. In other words, people want information in video form. If you are not providing it, someone else is!

Can Your Topic Be Visual?

If you are still not sure if you should post video to your blog, think about your topic for a moment. Could it be turned into an effective video? For example, your company manufacturers a special tech device. You have pages and pages of content on your blog about the features, specs, and benefits. But, could a video better explain this information to your reader? Better yet, will a video help to convey the value of your product more effectively than what words can? It’s quite commonly the case!

Your Customer Wants Personality

As you read any post on your blog right now, ask yourself. Is there any type of personality coming through from those words? Or, are your readers just getting fact after fact? If you cannot convey enough personality, interest, integrate, or even just plain interesting content, a video can help you to create just that. You’ll find that your reader is better able to embrace your brand, engage with you, or even buy from you after watching a few of your videos.

Of course, there are other benefits to using video on your blog as well. It helps with search engine ranking. It can help your business to share content more readily on social media websites. And, you are more likely to have people share your video than your blog post. For these reasons, most of today’s business owners will benefit from investing in video creation for their blogs. If you have not done so yet, consider the concepts you can transform from just word into visual images.


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