The Importance of a Great Script

Louisa May Alcott wrote in her novel Little Women that, “[she liked] good strong words that mean something…” Indeed there are some words that instantly transport the viewer into a whole new world. How many times have you heard a voice-over on a film and instantly gotten an adrenaline rush of anticipation?

Words are immensely important tools that have the potential to evoke powerful reactions in your audience. The right words can build a strong public connection with your brand and turn it into a household name.

Once Upon a Time

Storytelling is one of the most natural ways to communicate ideas and information. Brands and products are created for a specific target audience. One of the simplest and most effective methods to communicate to your audience is by telling them a story – and great script will always tell a great story.

The Key Elements of a Great Script:

  • Gets the message to the audience clearly
  • Is honest, concise, accessible, and uses key words to engage the right audience
  • Creates a proper structure that will focus on the brand’s objective
  • Is the right length to match the duration of the video
  • Curated to specific platforms like YouTube, Facebook, or other social media sites
  • Focuses on solving problems for the audience, rather than the brand itself
  • Will evoke a strong emotional response, or keep the viewer engaged, and attentive

Video Specific Scripts

There are many different types of marketing video formats to incorporate in a campaign. Explainer videos, which are very popular, uses narrative structures to convey a message, where the brand came from, their mission, and how they can help their targeted demographic.

Instructional videos may require an entirely different type of script as its primary focus would be to inform, educate and relay key points to their audience. The tone of these videos may also be completely different as it might need to employ more point-form language so that the viewer has verbal cues on what to note and write down.

A successful marketing video will employ music, animation, or live film in conjunction with a great script. Unique voice-overs can highlight key marketing features and bring the vision to life.

More Than Just a Poor Choice of Words

Creating a good script for an explainer or animated marketing video is an integral piece to a successful campaign. Your brand or product is geared towards an audience that is looking for something. The right video production team will give your brand access to acclaimed script writers that know the market and offer creative insights you may otherwise miss.

Sub-par script writing can have some deeply damaging effects such as:

  • Reducing viewership and followers
  • Provide incorrect or misleading information to your audience
  • Permanently damage brand image and association
  • End up costing more funds than the actual money spent on a poorly executed marketing campaign

It is important to set aside the time and resources so that your video campaign has a great script. This will ensure that your brand messaging is consistent, effective, and powerful.


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