Why ‘Behind the Scenes’ Videos Work

There’s something that feels special about getting an exclusive ‘sneak-peek’ or a look at a company behind the scenes. Customers feel like they’re seeing something un-polished, candid, and genuine. True ‘behind the scenes’ video breaks down the invisible wall between you and your audience, making it easier for them to trust you and easier for you to reach them.

Because They Can See the Real People Involved

Food manufacturing companies have been doing it for years by showing real workers working in real factories and smiling real smiles. In a day and age where we don’t know who has touched our food, whether tiny sweat shop children made the very phone we’re holding, or the cleanliness of the facilities our food is being made, it helps us trust companies when we get to look behind the camera and into the real life of the industry.

Because They See the Hard Work You’ve Invested

Let them see you sweat, show them what is riding on your message on a personal level, and help them buy-in to you and your company by showing them the nitty-gritty of what you do. Things seem too easy when they’re dusted off and in front of a camera. Show your audience what it took to get there. Show them the daily struggles you’ve had to cope with just to give them what they want.

Because They Trust What Their Senses Tell Them

We’re wired on a cellular level to pick up on subtle body language and social cues. We can sense when a situation has escalated with just a fraction of a change in voice. We know when something is real or fake and so will your audience. With an unscripted, un-choreographed, and unpolished look at what happens behind closed doors in your company, your audience will immediately grow closer to you. They’ll know that you’re honest, not hiding anything, and that what they see is what they will ultimately get.

Because They Can See What You Preach

If your message is to help find homes for animals in shelters and you show a ‘behind the scenes’ look at a field with happy, healthy dogs, your customer base will immediately place more trust in you. They want to see you practice what you preach. If, on the other hand, you run an environmental safety company and your ‘behind the scenes’ video shows that you don’t use sustainable resources, you don’t recycle, and you are the source of a lot of waste, this would negatively impact the message you’re trying to convey and customers would view you as a “phony.”

When utilized appropriately, ‘behind the scenes’ video can provide audiences a chance to judge you for who you are, the culture you represent, and the work you’ve put in to providing them with your message.


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