2018 Video Marketing Trends You Need to Know About

As a marketing outlet, video has been growing in popularity as technology powering high-speed internet improves globally. The 2017 projections released by eMarketer stated video consumption would increase in Canada, the UK and the US compared to years prior – and they were right. With viewership estimated to continue through 2020 and beyond, video content is one of the backbones of modern marketing. Discover video trends worth noting in 2018.

Live Video

Made popular by the launch of Facebook Live in 2016, live video use among brands is expected to surge in 2018. Live video not only has the appearance of being unscripted, it also gives companies the flexibility to showcase their brand in real time. For example, brands are using live video to capture participation in community service events, industry-specific conferences, live interviews and rare behind-the-scenes footage.

360-Degree Video

One of the best ways to capture attention with video is to make the production stand out from the rest. A fresh way to shoot videos, 360-degree or spherical videos are shot with omnidirectional cameras and provide a panoramic view of the scene. For brands, shooting a video in 360-degree view allows further creativity during the editing process. Choose to keep only the best scenes or use panoramic shots to soften scene transitions while adding interest.

Square Video

Mobile video consumption continues to gain popularity year over year. In 2018, brands are responding with increased production of square videos. When viewed within a social media platform such as Facebook, square videos tend to command more attention and receive higher engagement rates. Additionally, square video tends to perform well within mobile apps as either featured content or ads.

Silent Storytelling

Storytelling isn’t a new concept in video marketing. The most successful videos clearly capture and tell a story, but in 2018 more brand stories are being told in silence. After all, it’s a video’s imagery that is responsible for holding a viewer’s attention, not it’s script. Brands are using silence to their advantage by using bolder imagery to tell their stories and sprinkling captions or bold text throughout.

Cross-Platform Video Marketing

Between Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, millions of video hours are consumed annually. In the past, brands would focus their marketing efforts on a single platform per video. Now, it’s become evident that marketers in 2018 will need to consider branching out to incorporate multiple platforms for every video produced. This strategy enables brands to gain more exposure while potential customers benefit from viewing brand-centric videos on their preferred platform.

Streamline Your Video Marketing Strategy

Creating a solid video marketing strategy is no longer an option; it’s a requirement. In 2018, video consumption is projected to grow across all digital channels. As industry competition heats up, brands now need to focus their efforts on creating the most popular types of video content and strategically promoting them on digital platforms to increase exposure.


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