8 Creative Ways Your Business Can Use Video

Video has become a powerful advertising tool, effectively building trust, appealing to mobile users and desktop users, and showing a great ROI. Regardless of the size of your business or the industry that you’re in, you can use video to connect with your audience and get your message out.
Check out these eight creative ways that your business can use video.

1. Advertising

Sure, it’s obvious, but it’s worth the mention because video advertising is such an effective tool in the online marketplace. By showing your audience your product or service in action, you can remove some of the apprehension that comes with online purchasing.

2. Educational Content

Whether it’s a practical how-to or a piece of thought leadership, educational content is a great way to establish your business as an industry expert.

3. Training

Gone are the days of handing a new hire a thick orientation guide; today’s companies are using training videos to introduce their company’s goals, history and culture to new members of staff. Training videos are also great for introducing new philosophies, products, and goal metrics for veteran employees.

4. Event Videos

At your next company event, grab a video camera or even a smartphone and capture footage of the event. You’ll have access to video snippets that can be recycled in endless ways, from raising brand awareness on social media to selling tickets and encouraging participation in future events.

5. FAQs

The idea behind an FAQs page is solid; rather than handling general issues on a case-by-case basis, why not take care of them in batches? Unfortunately, FAQ pages can feel rather brisk and impersonal. Using video to address customers’ most common questions and problems eliminates that perception.

6. Customer Experiences

Written reviews are hard to trust; after all, virtually nothing stops an unscrupulous company from writing their own glowing reviews about their products and services. Videos of customer case studies, on the other hand, provide a glimpse of a real-life experience that a customer had with your brand and build trust and credibility.

7. PR

No one likes change, and any changes that your business makes, no matter how necessary or positive, will likely be met with resistance. While written text is easy to produce and circulate, it essentially leaves the reader “unsupervised” to draw their own conclusions about your brand’s intentions, goals, and even motives. Creating a video that addresses a hot topic that has come up lets you combine words with tone, control the speed at which your viewer moves through content, and emphasize key information.

8. About Us

Video allows you to do more than simply tell your audience who you are and what you’re about; it lets you actually show them. An About Us video is a wonderful medium for sharing your values and giving your business a face.

Video, when done well, is an effective tool that has a variety of applications. By implementing some of these ways to use video, you can increase brand awareness and engage more customers.


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