Choosing the ‘Right’ Video Production Company

There are many things to consider when choosing a video production company. The criteria for choosing the right video production outfit may be different for each client. Understand though, that what worked for your competitor may not necessarily work for you. Be mindful of the vision you have for your project and go with the production company that can deliver it. Here at Kicker, our reputation speaks for itself. Kicker is a top of the line video production company, and our 93% client retention rate is nothing to scoff at. Outlined below are some important things to considering when choosing a video production company for a video project.

Camera for the Right Production


You want the best team possible to work on your project. Why? Simple: You want an excellent final product. A product that you can be proud of, and that you will be proud to show to potential clients. It is good when you know people who have worked with the company or can view their past works so as to get a general idea of the quality of their output. Kicker has a portfolio online available for your purview. Our list of awards and positive customer feedback can go a long way in deciding if we are right for you.


You want a company that is as dynamic as real life. A company that can evolve with trends in the market and capture the interest of different target audiences. A company that can create your idea and not force you to bend to their archaic routine. A company like Kicker. View our portfolio to get an idea of the full extent of our creativity.

Business Sense

You need a video company that not only creates videos, but also have a strong sense of business in order to drive your business, expand your business model or reach new clients, your video company should understand your business needs. The company you entrust should be able to guide you to an end product that will satisfy your business needs. A company like Kicker has a lot of experience with creating videos for companies that want to grow. We understand the business model and how we fit into the big picture. Kicker is run on a successful business model, and as such, can appreciate that you want your business to grow to new heights. That’s the reason why you approached us in the first place!


Money, the most important commodity for a business, is a key player in getting the video solution you want. Be willing to pay for the value you want in your product. After you did a detailed research of your prospective production team, you should now at least have an idea of the quality of their product and the potential return on investment to be gained from using their services. What they cost should be comparable to the value the video brings. Make each penny count!

There is never a hard and fast way to determine which company to use. Each project is unique and the demographics of your target audience may change or may be unknown to you. The best way to be confident in your decision is to do the groundwork. Choose a company with solid groundwork and who you have confidence in to get the job done.

A video production company with a portfolio like Kicker is the right choice for you. Ask our long list of clients. Don’t just take our word for it.


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