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Creating Viral Videos That Work

Are you afraid no one’s watching your videos? Are you worried about your business not being able to achieve all that a strong video content marketing campaign seemed to promise? Don’t panic just yet. There may be easy fixes to your situation.

There are good ways to create videos, and there are better ways. Don’t position your brand to secure the second spot; aim at the first, and with the right approach, you will come close enough. Viral videos may be criticized by a few, but they always work on the masses and are a great way to kick start your flight to success. Here are some key ways to make your videos much more appealing and successful at garnering attention driving sales.


Keep Them Funny

Everybody loves a good laugh, there’s no doubt about that. So do just that, make people laugh. There’s plenty of ‘good, wholesome information’ all around us. It’s in the paper, it’s in the magazines, and it’s even on TV. What people really need is information with dollops of joy and laughter. Nothing else makes people want to share a 3 minute, 33 second video and talk about it all over Twitter, Facebook and text messages.


Weird Works, Quirky Sells

What’s the one word you’d use to describe PSY’s “Gangnam Style”? That’s right, quirky. Curiosity is still one of the most powerful emotions. You start with something that is weird and obscure, but has a good ring to it, and people will hang around until the very last second of your video – that’s a given. You just need to have the knack of keeping them hooked.


Go Outrageous

You may need to do some thinking if you really wish to go outrageous with your business idea. We’d say that’s a personal choice. But one thing is for sure, outrageous videos can create a buzz and a very strong one, even half the globe away. Remember how a silly movie about the Prophet outraged people far far away?


Cute It Out

Why do you think cute cat videos are all the rage on the internet? Everybody likes an ‘Awww’ moment. A little cuteness goes a long way. That is the reason videos featuring babies and kittens are such a hot cake. So if it goes down well with your business, make a video that gives people their daily dose of cute!


The simplest way, though, to tackle all these guidelines and come out with a winner video is to get in touch with the Do-it-all experts at Kicker. Our specialists will help you create a video that will certainly take your message forward, in the best light.


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