Explaining Explainer Videos

What Are Explainer Videos?

The purpose of this blog is to explain explainer videos. I’m already at a disadvantage. For, if this were an actual explainer video, you would already be hooked. I would have used an engaging audio-visual technique to connect with your imagination. You would identify the problem in your life or business that you want to resolve.

In that way, explainer videos are a way of addressing an age-old problem within the context of our modern economy with its new technologies. You want to explain your service or product quickly and to the right audience. That’s what explainer videos do. Explainer videos motivate viewers to respond positively to your message – to buy what you’re selling. And we at Kicker are experts in the field.


Kicker Successes in the Field

We’ve won many international creative awards for storytelling using motion graphics and animation. Motion graphics is the art of animating graphic design. The Latin root of “animation” meant to bestow life. And that’s what we do. We breathe life into graphic elements to create movement that engages viewers and draws them into the story line. Once we have worked with you to understand just what it is that you want to communicate and to whom you want to communicate it, we create the how. Motion graphics is an effective way to communicate complex concepts without losing or distracting your audience.


Pervasiveness of Explainer Videos

The use of explainer videos has risen precipitously since they were first introduced about seven years ago. Today, 80% of U.S. based companies are producing such videos for their websites. The art form is evolving. It is amazing to see how much information (including complex technical concepts) can be transmitted using motion graphics and animation. You can get an idea of the potential by watching the animated explainer videos we made for Sirius XM or kCentric.NET.


Explainer Videos as Art Form

There are a few traits that most explainer videos have in common. They use humour and great visuals to grab the viewer’s attention and keep them interested. While explainer videos are short, they can contain complex concepts or introduce the viewer to new technologies or solutions. And so the goal is to engage, but not distract, the viewer. You will also notice that the problem has to be articulated quickly. Modern viewers are savvy. They do not want to waste their time. So you hook them early and honestly. You tell them why they should continue to watch this engaging video. Not only will they be entertained, but a problem in their lives will be resolved. One of the most effective explainer videos in this regard is “Dollar Shave Club.” The narrator (and company president) formulates a question that has been eating at everyone: why are razors so expensive?

Other great strategies are to show the product or service in action to leave the viewers with a clear mental image. All of this is communicated in under two minutes. So the best explainer videos are very short and very sweet. The dividends will be sweet, but will accumulate over the long term.

Take a look at our portfolio and contact us at Kicker for a free consultation.


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