Why Aerial? Why Not?

Kicker owns custom-made “flying cameras.” Our drones are equipped with cameras for HD video and high resolution photography and offer intimate footage 5 feet above the ground as well as breathtaking footage from 500 feet up.


Aerial Video

There are many reasons that you might want to take advantage of our aerial capabilities as you plan your video. Aerial photography opens up many exciting possibilities. Before we begin to consider how you might be able to profit from it, we need to confront the issue of cost. It may be the case that your imagination is earthbound because you fear the costs entailed in producing the video you dream of making. Unleash your imagination. We have equipment and techniques that are probably well within your budget. First, let your imagination sore; afterwards we will find a way to realize your goals within your budget.

Aerial footage can be both intimate and dramatic. Our drones can fly only feet above the ground, but yet go where we cannot. On the other hand, from 500 feet in the sky, we can provide you with both still and video footage of scenes that make a mark upon viewers. In one single take, our birds can take off like a sparrow and sore like an eagle. The resulting footage is remarkable.


How Kicker Can Help

Kicker has a variety of remote-controlled helicopter platforms. Once we’re up in the air, we have a variety of cameras to capture RAW 1080 HD or compressed  H.264 Our pilot and technical team can even accommodate higher resolutions. Let us know what you need.

You need to bring your goals to the table. Kicker helps you organize plans, takes care of permissions, and provides all the gear and a crew of two people, each with years of remote flying experience. Once on site, they will be ready to shoot in minutes.

Okay, so we’ll take care of the technical side of things. But we are also experts in the planning stages and video marketing. Even if you have only a vague idea of what you want, it’s enough to get started. The Kicker team has extensive experience in guiding projects from a concept to realization. Getting it off the ground, so to speak! Most importantly, we know our technical equipment inside out. We can help you to think big, knowing we can get the shots to make the video you want to make.

Aerial photos and video offer a comprehensive view. Corporations can show their investors the extent of their major projects either already underway or in the initial stages. The tourist industry can attract more tourists, once they have seen the long pristine beaches or mountain forests surrounding their vacation get-away. Realtors can rise above their competitors by showing potential buyers the whole neighbourhood surrounding their new home: where the school is, the shopping, the park, and so on. Or if the property is rural, the buyer can see in a moment the extent of the property and just what it has to offer.

In all of this Kicker can help. Give us a call to set up a (free!) consultation.


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