Facebook Video Ads Pros and Cons

Who benefits more from Facebook video adverts? Is it the user or the advertiser? Perhaps it’s a win-win situation to all. Just like other normal ads on Facebook, video ads have both benefits and downfalls to everyone. They appear and play automatically through a user’s newsfeed though; they have received both praise and criticism from Facebook users and marketers alike. This article will shed some light to why Facebook video ads are something to talk about and why it has received so much criticism in equal measure.


Pro 1: Generates Traffic into Websites

Advertising is one of the best ways to market your products/services. Lately, technology has introduced many ways of making this possible; online marketing methods has made it simpler and reached thousands. Where can you find millions of online viewers? From social networking sites, Facebook being one of them; Facebook video ads appear and play automatically on a user’s newsfeed to reach thousand users.

Pro 2: Automatic Play, No Data Charges

This has been a concern to many, that the Facebook video ads will incur huge data charges to mobile phone users. This is not the case; the videos will automatically play in the news feeds on both the PC and mobile devices. When a user has not in any way engaged to view the video, it will not download. The ads will only be downloaded once a Wi-Fi connection has been established.

Pro 3: Users Love the Videos

In many ways, people love interacting with Facebook video ads; they like, comment and share them among other Facebook friends compared to news feed ads. This is a plus for advertisers because their content reaches as many consumers as possible and when loved, they may click through to their websites.


Con 1: Video Ads are Expensive

This is a downside for business advertisers. As much as it may reach thousands of consumers in a short time span, than normal advertising on television, and engages its audience in a way, Facebook video ads cost millions with its charges shooting up. With that much money to put up, we would understand if many marketers do not use this form of advertising.

Con 2: Slow App Performance

It is uncertain how much space these video ads take on the phone’s memory. However, once downloaded, you will be able to view the video when you open the Facebook app and scroll through your news feed. This may slow the speed of the app and the mobile device in general.

Con 3: Click-Through-Rate

Video ads are quite an engaging way to reach consumers. However, this does not guarantee that a click on the video will drive traffic to your website. Video ads have very low conversion rates than other ads.

Bottom Line

Facebook video ads are a better way for marketers to engage with their consumers, link to their websites and buy their products or services. However, they have both pros and cons; these are just a few main ones among others.


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