Getting Great Ideas for a Production Concept

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So, you are launching a brand new product. You have a demographic which has been researched by your apt business team. The ground work has been created and now your plan is to push this product into the market with a strong campaign and a compelling promotional video. This video will highlight all the strong points of your product and will make your competitor’s item seem like old news. But you are stuck! You and your team just cannot come up with the right storyboard or the concept to bring to life all you have in mind.

There are many ways to get ideas that can be useful to knowing what your target audience wants. A lot of this will need some groundwork on your part. Your team needs to be up to the challenge.

Call in the Professionals

You need ideas. Time is running out. Don’t panic. You can contact your preferred production team, Kicker. We are here to help. Our years of experience and the fact that we have ‘been-there-done-that’, is actually a great asset to you. Do not be afraid to utilize it in getting your show on the road.

To help you along, here are some great ideas to try in-house:


Get some people together from different areas of the company. Yes, a cross functional team sometimes works best. Try to get a diverse group in age; if you can get a reflection of the sample demographic that is even better. Let them know their job does not depend on what they say. It should be a no names, no recording session. Get the coffee pots going. Get the whiteboard out. Get them talking. Explain the product and get as many ideas of what would grab the group’s attention. Note the good ones. Thank the group. Some useful ideas should have arisen.

Non-personal Surveys/Interviews

People will say what they mean when they don’t have someone in front of them. Get a survey on Survey Monkey or another anonymous platform. Print out some pages to hand out or do some survey mailings. Get to know your target audience some more. Know if they use Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram… This will help to drive the way you market to them and even the way the visual elements of your product are created. Get to know your audience.

Using those two in house ideas and contacting your home team at Kicker will give you a head start in generating some ideas for getting your project off the ground. All the best to you and your team!


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