How to brainstorm a creative script for your next video!

script for your next video

As a content creator, it is sometimes difficult to find ideas to innovate and post inspiring content. Since the birth of social networks and the digital age, we see more and more content being duplicated and picked up by thousands of users, and to stand out from the crowd you need to create original content to enhance your brand. Knowing that video content is the most popular and most appreciated by the online community, it would be interesting to integrate this type of content into your digital branding strategy! In order to create and produce high quality and eye-catching videos, the first step is to think and write a script. To do so, you need to brainstorm with your team and try the following tips: 

  1. Do some research

Doing research is always a good idea to find inspiration for your projects. Try to look at what the competition is doing, without stealing ideas or copying their content. Youtube can be a good database for videos, you can search for the most popular “tags” of the moment for example. 

  1. Get inspired

Inspiration also comes from discussing your project as a group! Indeed, when we brainstorm with two or more people, we always have more ideas that come to mind because of our different life experiences or our cultural differences that bring a breath of fresh ideas! Don’t limit your creative process by giving yourself a fixed time to come up with ideas, it can take hours or even minutes… Let your imagination run wild 😉

  1. Check some tutorials

You can also watch tutorials on different platforms, be it video editing tutorials or creative process tutorials, seeing videos directly can push your imagination to visualize a very precise script for your next video. Simply watching tutorials to make transitions between certain scenes can inspire you. 

  1. Listen to music

Listen to music folks! Music has been inspiring us for decades, whether it’s for writing, photoshoots, movies, or simply to make our emotions vibrate… Music can set the major tone for your next video and you’ll already have the movie ready in your head!


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