How to Build Hype with Promo Videos

How do you build hype for a product or company, without actually spoiling the surprise? If you are launching a new product or service, or just looking for a way to get people to sign up for your secret information, you need a hype video.

Some studies indicate that almost 3 out of every 4 people want to watch a video to learn about a product or service rather than read about it. Your video, of course, has to offer the right combination of information and creativity to get them to tune in and be interested enough to follow up. Here are some key details about creating hype videos, also known as promo videos.

#1: Create a Plan That Outlines Your Goals

Your first step will be to set some specific goals that you want your video to accomplish. Are people signing up, clicking through, making a purchase, or just being informed? Next, determine how you are going to get them to do that. Most promo videos do well when they have a solid call to action that directs people to take the next step.

#2: Determine the Best Style for Your Video

Video styles range from animation to live-action. The key here is to select what is going to get your audience’s attention. It’s okay to do something out of character for your business if that’s what’s going to give your customers and readers the insight they need.

#3: Develop Your Script

Use a storyboard or write out a script that you think is going to work. Then, have someone read it. Are they “getting” the hype you want to offer? This is perhaps the biggest challenge of the entire project. Remember that every second of your video matters, so having a plan that gets to the point, delivers the message, and gets people to react is critical. You are likely to use some level of emotion in the video but also think about ways to grab the attention of the viewer.

#4: Get a Team to Produce It

There are some companies that can handle their own video production. For others, it’s best to work with a team that specializes in this process. Because hype videos have to be done well, this is a good time to invest wisely in the pros.

#5: Get It Out There

Once your video is ready to go, you’ll need to release it. Many businesses do this across various mediums, including social media. If you have a specific market in mind, be sure to tailor your video to reach those individuals specifically.

Hype videos can be a lot of fun to create. They work well to capture attention when made well. The key here is pulling together the right script and executing it.


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