How to Create a Winning Testimonial Video

A video testimonial can serve as one of the best tools for marketing campaigns. They provide a variety of benefits to any company because they establish your organization’s creditability. If a friend says something is good, you believe it. Online, testimonials work much like this. They help encourage would-be customers to trust your company.

How to Develop a Testimonial Video

Well-designed testimonial videos are the ideal conversion tool. To create these videos, work to develop a strategy. Your strategy should focus on a single goal – show anyone viewing the video they can be confident in your product, service, or brand.

When creating a strategy, there are a few rules to follow. First, be sure you are creating authentic experiences. Use real customers. And, choose customers who are much like your target audience in demographics. You also want to provide value here. What specifically was the benefit or reason for the good result?

Then, consider developing a problem-solving approach. For example, your testimonials should show what your company did to solve the customers’ problems. Why did they turn to you? What did they experience when they did? Whenever possible demonstrate this benefit.

Finding Your Ideal Customers

In some small businesses, it is clear who to choose to help you with this process. For example, you have a good customer you know well. On the other hand, it helps to choose those you have made the biggest impression on – the customer who thanks you for going out of your way or the customer who has a fantastic story to tell.

When you choose customers, be sure they are going to do well on camera. They need to speak with some level of authority to be convincing. They also need to be a good storyteller. When you listen to them speak, you should feel just how trustworthy they are.

Wrap Up Your Videos with Company Information

After your customer shares his or her story, be sure you include information about what your product did, how it worked, why it is different, or what value it offered. Ultimately, you want someone watching the video to understand your product has the tools they need to solve their own problem.

Testimonial videos should be designed to be professional, high-quality displays of information. When you invest the time in creating a video like this, it can easily become a tool for social media, email marketing, and numerous other campaigns you plan to launch.


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