How to make product placements in your videos

product placement in video

Product placement has existed since the dawn of time: whether in a video, a movie or a TV series, product placement is a common practice that has recently been taken up by digital influencers, who no longer even try to hide from it. However, there are several ways to make product placements in your commercial videos, so as not to irritate your viewers with constant advertising in your content. Do you want to find out how to give visibility to a brand on your videos while keeping your audience tuned in? Follow our tips: 

  1. Simple product placement: 

The most classic product placement is the one we all know, when the product appears on the screen, without the extras or actors manipulating it. It can simply be part of the set, which can be interesting since it is a very discreet placement, but it is also a risk since it could go unnoticed.

  1. Classic product placement:

You can also use the product while it is displayed on the screen.  The point here is not to give a real role to the product, but to highlight it in its use. There are many examples of this: a character drinking a can of soda, reading a newspaper, driving a car… Very often, these are everyday actions that put the product into an everyday life situation.

  1. Oral product placement:  

A fairly subtle way to do product placement is to verbally mention the product you want to advertise. It can be done in a very discreet way like in one of the Big Bang Theory episodes where Leonard mentions the Netflix streaming service when it was still in its beginnings. This way you can mention your product or brand in the thread of a conversation when shooting your video or short film. 

  1. Digital product placement: 

With the digital era, it has become almost essential to know how to include digital ads on our screens. Whether it’s on your Youtube videos or even longer sequences, you can easily include an ad or a product in your footage, with the help of editing software or retouching software such as after-effects. 


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