How to use After Effects for your videos?

Adobe After effect
Adobe After Effect

For those of you who are used to using the Adobe suite, you’ve probably heard of the After Effect software, which allows you to add special effects to your videos. Indeed, for those who are used to video editing and who are beginning to master Premiere Pro, the next step would be to be able to add 2D or 3D effects in your footage with the help of After Effect. Even if learning to master this software is completely different from learning editing software, you will still have fun learning new skills! So here are the basic few things you could learn using After Effects: 

  1. Create Pixel Art

Have you always dreamed of doing Pixel Art? Several tutorials are available on platforms such as Youtube or even on blogs specializing in video production so that you can make your Pixel Art step by step to spice up your videos or video transitions. 

  1. Transparent background

You always wondered how you could create export transparent background videos? Whether you are a vlogger or you regularly post content on your Youtube channel, you may often need to integrate content with a transparent background, such as your channel’s logo for example, or video animations or 2D or 3D animations. After Effect will be helpful for that!

  1. Motion Tracking 

Have you ever heard of this tool? Motion tracking is a special effects technique that consists in analyzing the movements and trajectories in a video image, in order to apply them to a new graphic element that will be integrated in the same image, typically a title, another image or a 3D animation. Essentially, It can really up the value of your projects and is great to add to client videos, so it’s a must to add to your list!

  1. 3D animations

Remember the colorful video clips of the singer Mika? Do you want to make transitions in the same style? Nothing could be easier with After Effects! Animation is a process that will take you a little time to learn and realize but it’s really worth it when you see the result.

Now all you have to do is download the software and have fun with all these new features. Don’t hesitate to look for tutorials on Youtube that will help you to achieve your goals 😉


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