How to use Reels for your business?


If you still haven’t heard about Instagram’s Reels, a new feature that uses the concept of TikTok videos. This new content format allows you to create and share 15 second videos with an audience on the “Explore” page in a space dedicated to these new videos that will soon take over your feed. Since the launch of “Reels”, many content creators and influencers have announced that they plan to experiment with this feature of Instagram, while maintaining their presence on TikTok. Brands such as Sephora, Walmart and Beardbrand are already using Reels to promote their brand and create a real online community.

Brands could seize the opportunity to be the first creators on Instagram Reels and reach a new audience – people who prefer short, easily digestible content. Brands can also work with new artistic talent to play with the material they produce on Reels. Keep in mind, however, that Reels videos can be shared on the Explorer page, which gets 50% of Instagram’s overall traffic. 

Here are our marketing tips to grow your brand using IG Reels:

  • Create educational content: as you can see, tutorials are very popular with all generations. Whether it’s cooking recipes, beauty or skincare tutorials, or DIY’s to share everyday tips, your followers will love it. 

For successful tutorial reels, consider making short, simple videos with subtitles, and don’t forget a good list of hashtags!

  • Showcase your products: As mentioned above, IG Reels are on the Explore page, which means that Instagram users who are not following you will still see your content. This is most certainly a very effective way to gain visibility for your brand! It is also possible to partner with influencers to present some of your branded products through Reels videos.
  • Differentiate yourself from other brands: Behind the scenes content helps your Instagram followers understand who you are as a brand and why you sell those products. It’s a tool that helps them to gain awareness, trust and build a relationship with you.

Some ideas from behind the scenes that you can try:

  • Share the process of making products
  • Share the daily life of your team
  • Share your brand story – how you got your business idea. 
  • Promote your events: How about using Reels to announce your sales and exclusive offers? IT Cosmetics US and Tarte Cosmetics have successfully applied this tip, and have received great commitment from Instagram users.


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