How Video Can Make Boring Subjects Interesting

Video is powerful. It provides brands, everyday users, vloggers, and just about anyone with a tool for capturing a message and presenting it to a wide range of people. Not only is it rather easy to use and widely available (not to mention widely able to be captured with the number of smartphone users out there), but it is also one of the best ways to drive engagement. You can share your message and get results day in and day out after making just one video. Video can make even the most basic subject a powerful one.

What Does Video Do That’s So Important?

Perhaps the key reason that video is so important is because it engages people. Go back to your last history class. You read books on the World Wars. You spent hours studying facts and trying to gather information. You listened to lectures. You learned a lot. However, when you watch a video of the footage or a video explaining that same information with graphics and images, you get it. You remember it. You become interested in it even if you were not before. Video is engaging and that is why it is so powerful in today’s Internet-based world.

Take, for example, putting on makeup. Or, think about the process of changing a sparkplug on a vehicle. You can even learn how to create a website using video. These types of tutorials are just one type of vlog, but they are an excellent way to teach others. Vlogs can go further, though. They can be a place where people learn about each other and gather information. They can be a place where you share your opinions. No matter what the subject, video makes a difference.

How To Make Videos Effectively

Of course, filming paint dry isn’t going to be exciting. In order for your production to stand out, it needs to include key components that help video to grab the attention of your audience. How can you do that?

  • Every video created should involve doing something. It should have some type of movement or action in it. This is what engages people.
  • Use graphics to help create the image desired. It’s important to ensure your video offers good quality information and visual information.
  • Be engaging in the language you use. Like any speech you’ve given, you need to be relaxed, focused, and engaging with your audience.
  • Add an element of surprise whenever possible. Things like adding noises, music, or even an explosion in the background makes things interesting!
  • Be sure your background is just as engaging and interesting. That’s going to get noticed by whoever is watching your video.

Most importantly in the creation of video is that it be authentic. If you want to create a video that’s funny, don’t try to force it. Be natural. If you want to create a video that’s cutting edge, don’t fake it with Photoshop. Make it real. Video is only interesting when it is believable or at least unique enough to stand out!


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