Filming and Editing a Vlog

Vlogging can become a habit. It can become one of the best experiences you have. If you are a young adult, you may view this process as a fantastic way to showcase your creativity and to grow your passions. It can also become quite profitable if you become a success. So, what stands in the way of your ability to succeed at this process? No matter if you are a teen just getting started or a seasoned pro, the way you film and edit your video is going to make all of the difference in its success.

It Is Never Perfect the First Time

One of the most common misconceptions about the video production process – even when filming live events – is that the video is going to be perfect the first time around. The fact is, most situations require a great deal of re-filming and editing to achieve success. Most young adults on this adventure do not have the funds to pay a high end video production company to create vlogs. However, with a bit of help and support, you may be able to turn the tide and really create some fantastic videos.

What You Need to Know About Filming and Editing

Here are a few things to keep in mind as you work to improve your filming and editing skills:

  • Most videos will need to be edited together. This involves taking clips from several takes (or filming productions) and then put them together.
  • The goal should always be to create a cohesive, single piece. To do this, you’ll need editing software that is designed specifically for the process. It pays to invest in software rather than trying to piece it together on your own using your camera’s basic tools.
  • Take the time to really learn how to use your camera. While videos from phones are an okay option, those taken from a truly dedicated camera are going to provide a much higher quality finished product and they will definitely stand out overall. The key to remember here is that most modern, digital cameras have ample settings and tools that, if you know how to use them, can take your videos from basic to extreme.

Once you have your editing software and camera skills down, start production. You will need practice and some patience. If you plan to start a YouTube channel or use your video in other ways, remember the importance of editing. Going back to your original piece and making changes, linking numerous takes to each other, and using tools to minimize any evidence of these edits is what will define the success of your vlog. The bottom line here is simple: You need to use video editing tools, you need to get to know those tools and your camera really well, and you need to invest the time in making each piece you produce a stellar, stand out piece. Even if you are a teen just getting started, make this an exceptional opportunity for yourself by putting the time and effort the editing process.


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