Are Animated Videos Appropriate for Your Business?

When you think of animated videos, you think of what your children watch on television or perhaps your favorite cartoon humor. You may not relate that type of animation to marketing for your business. After all, can animated videos really help your customers and clients take you seriously?

Many business owners face this concern. If they use animated videos as a part of their promotional methods, will they look too cartoon-ish? Will they actually hurt your marketing efforts?
The short answer – if done properly, animated videos can actually do far more than traditional graphics and with good reason. Of course, they may not be ideal for all needs, but they can create a few key benefits to a website in most industries.

How Can Animated Videos Help Your Website?

With professional animated video creation, one thing is for sure. You can customize it any way that is right for you and have as much of a lighthearted or a very serious theme to them. When done properly, these videos can help in various ways:

  • Animated vides can make it easier to explain hard topics. While they don’t “dumb it down” they can take complex topics that many people look over and really provide clear information in a simple form.
  • Animated videos are memorable. Think about the last Super Bowl and the commercials there. Chances are good some of the best promotional commercials you remember are in fact animated.
  • Animation done well gives your business personality and lets those who are learning about it for the first time get a real idea of who you are and what you have to offer. It allows your personality to shine through.
  • Another key benefit – the ability to go viral. A funny or even very serious, but well made promotional video that’s animated is likely to be shared by those who see it. Let’s face it. Do you share the content that’s fun and visually appealing or the long, boring videos showcasing a company’s service?
  • It is visually appealing. Animation stands out because it uses the right colors, the right type of design elements, and the right surroundings to create a very specific image. Because you can control this very specifically, you really do get to make a great first impression on anyone who is viewing your video.

What else can animated video do for you? It can leave a solid impression on the view. It helps generate more traffic to your website. It does not limit your ability to reach any audience. And, it is one of the best ways to control overall costs and still get an impressive promotional video that people remember.

Today, the options available to you in animation are numerous. It’s not necessarily a cartoon-world out there. Take a few minutes to check out a few videos to see what the end result can offer. How can you incorporate this very powerful tool into the business you do? Chances are good, it’s going to work well.


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