Industry Tips for Online Video Success

As the world slowly yet steadfastly makes its transition from the written word to video, marketers have latched on and fastened their seat belts for a fierce race ahead full of competitors and basically, anyone desperate for attention. With such an overabundance of great content on the web and an unfortunate short attention spans of web surfers, how can one guarantee to have one’s content viewed?

While we can’t guarantee the number of views or followers you’ll gain by implementing any of the below tips and tricks, we can guarantee that as you hone and master the following tactics, you should see dramatic growth. But while waiting for growth, expect the occasional Epic fail. It’s all a part of the game and the learning process. Just be sure to learn from your mistakes. This will make you a powerful marketer.

#1 Less is More

Keep your videos short and sweet. Again, it’s unfortunate, but understandable that attention spans are lacking in today’s fast paced digital world. And in the war on grabbing the most attention, you’ll have better luck with a shorter “eye catching” video–shall we dub it the infamous, click bait. If your heart is set on getting your message and voice out through a longer video, you have options. Once you’ve reeled them in with the shorter eye catching video clip, you could redirect the one’s interested in watching a longer clip, while quenching the thirst of the shorter attention span folks.

#2 Stick to Your Home Base

Sometimes it’s best to click your heals home, Dorothy. When sharing brand spanking new content, consider sticking to your home base platforms. By sticking to your home base platforms, you’ll enjoy benefits like auto-play when your subscribers and fans scroll through their news feeds. The auto-play feature will either annoy the H-E double L out of them, or make them curious to watch more. The key to making them want more is again, with something eye catching and attention grabbing.

#3 The “Silent Video”

Okay, we don’t really want you to make a silent video, unless you want to that is. But here’s the thing, it’s been reported that 85% of YouTubers are watching videos without sound. Why you ask? Who knows, but they are. This fun fact has led to countless experts in the marketing realm to roll up their sleeves and put on their thinking caps, which has led to…dun-dun-dun…adding in subtitles. By adding in text to the video, you’ll ensure that the voice and message of the video is captured by the viewer.

#4 Be the Change

Your viewers run the show and if they’d like you to change—be the change they wish to see. Their wish is your command, because without their views, you have nothing shall we say. Be adaptive to their needs and you’ll enjoy a kith and kin relationship for years to come.

#5 Accept Failure

Yes, that’s right. The occasional, or frequent, Epic fail of a video is likely going to happen. But it’s not the end of the world. Eventually, you’ll get it right and even when you do get it right. The next one could be a disaster. Know this and embrace it. You’ll be a better marketer for accepting this fate. It will give you something to grow from and it will make the accomplishments that much more delicious and enjoyable.


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