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As a business owner, one of the most important tasks you have is to engage with your customer. This engagement creates a link or a bond, and helps to build your brand in the process. A fantastic way to do that is with interactive video. In short, interactive video helps to tell and sell a story to your reader. When they have this information available to them, they are not just having a product or service sold to them, but rather they are engaging and interacting with your brand.

Interactive video is more important than ever especially within the digital landscape. What can it do for your business? By creating some type of interaction with your company and the customer, you create a response. The benefits are numerous. Why should you use it over other mediums for advertising?

The Internet’s Interactive Design and Devices Require It

A key reason to make the move is this. People are using devices today to learn about products and services. That includes smart TVs, tablets, smartphones and gaming consoles. It’s important to realize that now, the user controls what content they see rather than being forced to watch a traditional commercial on TV. Your younger generation of customers requires this type of interactive ad, then. Your consumer’s needs are different.

Your Target Audience Is Different

Millennials, the most common demographic today, is changing. These individuals are now dependent on social media platforms. They want and expect on-demand content. They want everything to be personalized to them. Now, you need to adjust your marketing to stop pushing ads to them, and instead engage with the audience in a conversation or get them to participate in a story. You need to encourage and allow them to determine what happens next.

Storytelling Isn’t the Same

Another reason you need interactive video is because the way you tell a story today is much different than in the past. Interactivity that comes from shared comments and likes on the status of a post isn’t enough. This does not allow the user to become active in the storytelling experience. While creating shared content is important, it is also important to become more engaging. In a crowded marketplace it is very important to engage because these are truly the only ads that consumers actually see and participate in.

You Deliver a Specific Message to the Right Person

With the numerous opportunities available in data collection, it is now more possible than ever to personalize messages to the audience. The right message, to the right person at the right time is possible because of the amount of available data. This gives you more impact opportunity than ever.

Interactive video can help you to tell your story and create a more personal interaction with your customer or client. The fact is, if you do not do this, your ads are likely to fade into the background along with all of the other providers. Interactive video, dollar for dollar, gets you more attention, more brand awareness, and better results.


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