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Video usage has gained traction as an employee tool of learning, empowered by the growth of devices like Smartphone with broadband networks and high-definition video. Resultantly, more organizations are creating repositories that are YouTube-like on enterprise networks where employees share knowledge through posting created videos.

Using video to recruit

Video Recruiting is an easy-to-use and innovative tool which enhances the recruiting process and avails all the benefits as an accessible and user-friendly online service. You do not have to investment anything upfront and you can be up and running in the least time possible on a portal customized to your individual brand. Applicants need only access to an up-to-date computer with an internet connection, a microphone, and a webcam.

Video recruitment Saves time

With Video Recruit, candidates have no time to stop, pause, review or redo their video responses, so you receive prompt and accurate insight into their communication skills, competencies and characters. Rapidly identify the candidates that best fit from an enormous pool of applicant. Concentrate your time only on the candidates who are potentially fitting and have what it takes.

Convenience of video to recruit

Right at the comfort of your home, or while waiting for a check-in at the airport, you can review your recruitment progress and advise accordingly. Video Recruit saves your time and skips the pitfalls, allowing you to focus your attention on the right person from the get-go. No more time gets wasted. Consider candidates globally at no extra cost.

Improving the culture of the company

When you want to define the culture of your firm, you often like to throw around words like innovative, fun, and creative. Rarely, though, do you have a platform to effect this action. It is evident that companies with these platforms are demonstrating their culture superbly through the use of videos in all aspects, from humorous pranks to meaningful training. Google, for example, is doing just that. It does not involve nuclear science. It is only that they used the video communication tool wisely.

Missing to streamline your hiring process, announcing company news, and showing what goes on behind the curtains in your firm could be just be denying you an opportunity to showcase the incredible culture of your company. This is where videos can make the culture of your business shine if given a chance. Using video is a very convincing way to define your company’s values, norms, and behaviors that keeps your business up and running.

Orientation Video for new recruits

New hires may require some training and orientation on complicated procedures and other uses of particular systems in the company. A video can swiftly distil complex ideas into a message that is easily comprehensible making it an excellent training tool.


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