Using Video for Internal Communications

Using video within your business will help employees absorb vital messages and will engage your staff better than any other channels including posters, newsletters, posters, memos or guides. Video can also save money and time when it comes to orientations of new staff and technical briefings as it allows your staff to learn anywhere at their own time and independently. It is important to recognize that internal communications video is one of the many compelling tactics that help companies to engage employees. Office-based employees can be able to access videos of internal communications online and on-demand as their schedule allows. Management can track the statistics of viewership and receive timely feedback from the employee through surveys viewer that are uniquely customizable. Alternatively, employees at retail locations, factories, or industrial sites can view the same message on DVD.

Employees’ updates

Every time employees ask for more insight into the inner workings of their organizations and more transparency from their executives. Administrative emails and internal newsletters aren’t cutting it, but there is hope – your employees will most probably watch a video than to read email and documents. So, see your staff as your front line and of much value to the world. Engage them through communication videos and ensure they are informed, up-to-date and involved in your firm’s growth and maturity.

CEO Messages

Short videos can be driven by an interview with the CEO aimed at creating a connection between the rest of the business and the upper management. Occasional videos from the CEO might just offer many advantages over e-mails and newsletters as they help to build openness across the company and feelings of meaningful communication. Often these are personable, friendly and inclusive that contributes to developing a sense of transparency.

Executive messaging

Using video platform makes it easy for managers and communications teams to webcast live meetings. They can capture video messages that can be viewed on demand by your employees and send announcements in high definition to customers across the globe, investors or thousands of employees. Whether you’re recording the CFO’s quarterly financial update or capturing an ad hoc message from a VP using a laptop and a webcam, it turns out that videos communicate more effectively. You may be streaming live an internal company event via webcast; using executive messaging is a cost-effective video tool for engagement in improving the reach and transparency of your corporate communications.

Online video

Video provides an engaging opportunity to share important messages and communicate in a more personal way than usual internal communications.

Video messages can now be sent across an organization within no time to numerous devices. Using video for internal communications saves both money and time by becoming accessible to employees instantly and perfectly integrating with their daily online experience.

Town hall meetings

Recording town hall events, airing executive announcements, speeches, interviews, presentations, and more for on-demand viewing by employees across the world has never been this easy and cost effective. Through the use of internet, it now possible to convene town hall meetings online, conduct interviews and convey vital messages to your workforce. Webcasting provides you with an opportunity to offer all your employees the capability to both participate and watch the activities of a town hall meeting from anywhere in the world. Virtual meetings can be configured to include the functionality of chatting with your employees, conduct surveys, Q & A, and real-time collaboration tools to create a fully interactive experience for all your employees.


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