Videos: essential tools in the hands of Human Resources

A transparent flow of communication can be afforded throughout your company by creating Live Video Webcasts. This will save your business a lot of time and money on the logistics of bringing all of your leadership at one point with the whole lot of your employees. Offsite leadership can as well join a remote webcast from multiple continents to avail valuable updates for the company.

The videos’ Interactive features enable you to ask questions and share meaningful thoughts through text message or via e-mail, receiving real-time responses from the leadership of your company. You may be having employees who connect to various different devices? No worries! Video technology is designed as cross-platform friendly, so whether using a desktop computer, Android or iPad, you can be assured your video message will seamlessly play across the board.


HRs’ Benefits of Using Animated Video

Video has demonstrated being very effective tool of communication and people’s educator. When you’re dealing with legal requirements and significant procedures, communicating with staff is essential, and animated video do that perfectly. Surveys have proven that people remember and apply more of the information they receive through video. In fact, information comprehension presented an increase by more than 75 percent when addressed through a video.

It is very easy to track explainer videos and all the details pertaining to it. When you wish to communicate useful details concerning healthcare policies changes or something else needful to sustaining your workforce, you want to ensure that the message is received by everyone. You will, at the comfort of your monitors, be able to keep track of the video, who watched and who didn’t by the use of video metrics. In addition, it’s possible to implement testing tools and quizzes on top of a video program.


Emergency and crisis communications

Effective communication, externally and internally, is very vital in averting the undesired impact of a crisis. In most cases, your employees are probably your most key ‘stakeholders’ during a crisis. Inadequate and ineffective internal communications can undermine all your efforts to manage a crisis externally. This may lead to low morale and lack of trust, poor customer relations and employee turnover that can result in undesired consequences. It is high time you need to use videos to interact with your employees in a friendly and professional manner. Every employee feels his or her needs are half way met when engaged in a dialogue with the executive members of staff. This kind of videos can be customized individually to collect information related to the said crisis and provide possible ideas of averting a crisis.


Explainer Videos tool

Because HR department is highly involved with on-boarding hires, the members of staff have much of details to relay. This new information needs to be communicated relatively fast. Explainer videos aids employees to comprehend new material, retain info, and implement it swiftly than if they experienced it through an audio or just text. When there is need to interact and to communicate in an efficient manner, an explainer video is an ideal way to accomplish it. PowerPoint presentations are often the traditional ways used for relating HRs information. However, a video is more interactive and engaging and often gets the job done more efficiently and fast. Since a video uses engaging imagery and a narrative structure, viewers are likely to be not only informed, but with a conviction of how relevant the information is to their employment with your company.


Code of Conduct Video and Compliance

By the use of an explainer video, you can use a story-based structure quickly to convey your company’s code of conduct and compliance to your worker. This message is easily digested and understood by the whole of your workforce.


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