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Must-Have Elements In Your Testimonial Video

Today’s marketing team has endless products and services at their disposal to help them connect with their target audience. The marketing landscape has undergone huge changes in the last decade, but one thing hasn’t changed: word-of-mouth advertising is among the most effective tools for improving conversion rates.

A video testimonial provides website visitors with an attention-grabbing, memorable experience, enabling them to get a first-hand account of a positive experience someone had with your brand. Wondering what your testimonial video should include? Keep reading to learn how to create a testimonial video that gets results.

1. Laying the Groundwork

Like all videos, your testimonial video should have a solid intro. Your client should say a few lines about who they are and what type of industry they’re in. Then, they should relay the issue that they had and how your company helped them resolve it. If they’d previously had an unsatisfying experience with a company similar to yours, they may describe how their experience with your brand differed. The video may conclude with the client emphasizing how your product or service has positively impacted them.

Sounds short and simple, right? That’s the goal; your site visitors have a short attention span, so don’t lose them by shooting a five-minute testimonial. Your mission is to provide viewers with a person that they can identify with who was in a situation that they can understand, and then create value by demonstrating how your product or service was uniquely beneficial.

2. Ditch the Script

While laying out a basic structure or outline to follow is good, creating a script that is to be read word-for-word is definitely not. This marketing approach is one in which you’re essentially abandoning the marketing approach and kicking off a genuine conversation. Memorized lines crafted by a marketer will sound like just that, which defeats the entire purpose of a testimonial video. Give your client a few pointers as to what information you’d like for them to cover, and then let them do the rest.

3. Emphasize Benefits

The exact features of your products and services are probably readily available on your website, so they really don’t need to be laid out in a testimonial video. Instead, the video should focus on the benefits that you provide to your customers. For example, rather than talking about automation feature, talk about the time-saving benefit.

4. Use Candid Shots of Service Personnel

The beauty of testimonial videos lies in the fact that they provide an element of authenticity and transparency that is otherwise difficult to capture. Expand on that element by interweaving candid shots of your service-based personnel throughout the video, creating a more dynamic and engaging viewing experience.

Testimonial videos are highly shareable, so once your video is complete, upload it to your website, YouTube, and your preferred social media platforms. Because of their unique ability to fully capture just how your product or service enriches the lives of your clients, testimonial videos are a wonderful way to create brand recognition, build loyalty, and improve your conversion rates.



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