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Orabrush Made It Big with a Small Video

OrabrushIf you have had apprehensions about how much your business would benefit from a social video campaign, you should hear the Orabrush story. This little piece of equipment useful for cleaning your tongue had significant trouble launching in the market. Its founder, Dr. Bob Wagstaff struggled for 8 years and spent tens of thousands of dollars on TV and print infomercials but they just didn’t pay off. In fact, spending $40,000 on a TV ad campaign only helped sell 100 pieces. Needless to say, it was a huge failure.

Social video campaign

What changed for Orabrush? What turned it into a product everyone wants and sold million of pieces in over 114 countries? A $500 social video campaign on YouTube! That’s right, the Orabrush YouTube video about bad breath and how Orabrush helps fight it has garnered a whopping 35 million views, with 116 million subscribers. Orabrush is selling like hot cakes.

When spending $40,000 on TV ads didn’t work and Orabrush just wouldn’t take off, Wagstaff asked the marketing class of a business school for suggestions. One of the students, Jeffery Harmon suggested an online ad campaign. Harmon is the man behind the video that has gone viral on the internet.

He created quite a simple video – a funny guy explaining what bad breath does to him and just how awful it can be. He addresses a common problem a lot of people face, in a funny, humorous way. That is what captivates the audience. The story doesn’t end there though. The video campaign explains how Orabrush can help fight this problem, keeping your breath smelling good all day and all night. It then goes on to offer a free trial to the interested customers. The approach worked! The video was widely viewed by millions, and made an instant connection with everyone who watched, sending them straight to place an order.

Great feedback

The response to the video has been phenomenal. The video grabs people’s attention by addressing a prevailing problem and offers an instant solution too. All businesses have a lot to take away from the success story of Orabrush. With YouTube becoming the second largest search engine, social video is the best way to market your business and clock in unmatched sales. So if your signature product has been ready for that million dollar sale mark, let Kicker help you make that winning video that will give you the launch you have been waiting for.

Take a look at their YouTube Channel!


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