Production Quality vs. Storytelling: What Matters for your Business Video

There are so many factors to consider when creating video for your business, it’s hard to know where to put more of your time or your budget. Should you put money into storytelling and let the quality of production falter a bit? Finding the right balance here is critical. Remember, you want your video to be memorable for the right reasons.

Superior Production Matters, But Has Its Place

When the time comes to choose a video production company for your business video, you want to hire an experienced, trusted company that does superior work. And, while you should put time and talent into the quality of every frame of the video, this is not the only place for you to invest money.

Many business owners spend a lot of their time finding the most expensive, well-known company to handle their video production only to find that it didn’t produce anything better than what the moderately well-known company did. How does this happen?

The ROI on your video doesn’t always come from the quality of the production itself. Rather, it stems from what makes that video truly memorable to your clients and customers. So, what matters when it comes to business video development?

You Have to Have a Story to Tell

Storytelling outperforms other types of video production in nearly all situations. The key here is that you do not want a video that is so professionally polished that it doesn’t seem realistic or even real. You want to ensure that there’s a feeling of authenticity with the video. It needs to be meaningful. Telling a story can help to communicate that many times over other methods.

Go for the Less Polished Look

Did you know that many of your business videos will be viewed from a smartphone, not a computer? That means that most of your ads are never going to benefit from the polished, enhanced video services you are paying for. The return on your investment is just not there for most companies with most ads. Yet, what you will find is that the less polished look creates room in your budget for more creative thinking and unique storytelling that gets a more important message across.

Where Should You Start, Then?

As you work to develop your business video, there are a few key things to keep in mind:

  • Focus on creating the content of the video as the primary objective. Work with a team that helps you with superior content as a primary focus.
  • Ensure your brand’s voice comes through as well. Even this is more important than that polished, finished video.
  • Ensure your videos are personal and conversion-focused. They need to create an impactful message that helps turn people’s heads towards your business.

The bottom line here is that video quality is important, but it is not more important than the story that your video tells. Avoid the focus on a polished, tight video and instead, look for one that is more authentic and natural. This can make all of the difference in the long term.


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