Quick and Easy Guide to Creating a Video Marketing Strategy

What’s your video marketing strategy? Even small businesses need one and creating one doesn’t have to be difficult to do. Your marketing strategy answers many of the questions you’ll have about producing video and using it. For many businesses, this can seem like an overwhelming process. However, with a few key tips and a basic guide, you can easily work through the process. Here’s where you should focus first.

#1: What is your budget?

Your budget will determine how many videos, the type of video, and other factors related to the project. The key here is to invest in quality. A single video designed well to represent your company is far better than low budget videos that create a poor brand image for your company. It is best to determine your budget in advance and then work with a professional video team to determine what your options are.

#2: Create a story

What message do you want your audience to have? There’s no limitation to what you can do. Be creative and unique. Tell the story of your business or products. Tell the story about why your business is present. It’s important to make the process as human as possible.

#3: Bring people into it

While it is possible to create the video your company needs with just your product in it, what’s better is to bring humans into the video itself. As noted, you’ll want to create a story that humanizes your brand, company, and product. The best way to do that is with people, either those who you are selling to or your employees.

#4: Remember short is better

The next step is to consider the length of your video. However, don’t focus on a video that’s too long. You may have a great deal of information to share, but at the same time, you’ll want to keep it as short as possible. Most of the time, videos should be kept under five minutes. People watching these vehicles rarely spend more than that amount of time on them.

#5: Determine how you will use them

When creating your video, you’ll want to have an audience in mind. This is the person or group of people who you feel is most likely to watch and benefit from your video. Then, determine where you will find these people. For example, you may want to use social media for marketing. This is often a great place to market to Millennials. Options include YouTube, Facebook, your website, or numerous other platforms.

#6: Determine what you want your viewers to do

It’s important to give the viewers direction after they watch your video. Do you want them to call you, sign up, like the video, or share it? This is your call to action and it is critical to the success of any marketing video. Without it, your customer closes the video and moves on. With it, they have an avenue into connecting with you again.

Creating the right marketing video starts with understanding how you will use it based on what your plan achieve with it. Invest the time in developing your marketing strategy first and then apply this to the video production. Work closely with a team to produce a video that fits this strategy and creates the outcome you desire.


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