Recruiting New Talent with Video

Hiring new talent is a highly competitive process today. It goes without saying that there has never been so much talent available to companies today but that the talent they need is often hard to obtain. There isn’t a large job pool of applicants waiting for your offer. You have to stand out and offer them what they want and need to decide to work with you. One way to do that is to use video. Video can be an incredible tool and a key component of any recruitment process. What can a video from your company do to your hiring process?

Where Are You Hiring?

The first thing to keep in mind is the platform you are using for hiring. If you are like many companies today, you’ve learned that the best places to find your next employee is through social media sites. This may include LinkedIn, Facebook, and even Twitter. But, you can’t just put up a help wanted post. You need to do something to engage your audience. The top talent you need really is not interested in a company begging for help. They want to see what working for that company has to offer to them. Video can be helpful in each of these mediums.

Creating a Brand for Your Company

Video can help you brand your company not just for future sales, but for talent and employees as well. That is, your video production team can help you to create a video that really tells the story about your company and what it has to offer. This creates an employee-focused brand. It’s what helps companies such as Apple and Microsoft look so attractive to top talent – they know these company’s not just in the products they offer, but also in their workplace brand.

Create an Enhanced Job Description

Perhaps the biggest hold up for you is in the details. If you need to find someone that can handle very specific tasks or fill positions that are typically hard to fill, you need a video that provides a more thorough and impactful job description. Record a video that discusses the position. It can provide for the qualifications of the individual. It can also help to put a face to the person that your would-be employee can interview with. This helps to breakdown some walls and get people applying.

Showcase Your Workplace

With the help of video, you can show off why people should work for you. This may mean showing them around the office. It may mean showcasing some of the benefits you offer in-house such as childcare or fitness centers. You can even take them on a virtual tour of the floor, offices, and lunchroom. This helps to form a connection and really helps to show your would-be applicants that you’ve put the time and effort (not to mention the money) into creating a fantastic work environment for them.

There are many ways to incorporate video into your recruitment efforts. You can even use it for live feeds, video resumes, and recorded interviews. The key here is to let video show people what taking a position with your company can offer to them. Why should they want to work with you? These reasons can be better understood through video than through any list or description of a job.


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