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5 Ways Stock Footage Can take Your Video to The Next Level

Have you thought about using stock footage in your next video? For most businesses, the need to access and create brand new, custom video is ideal. Having your own footage makes sense and allows you to create exactly what you need and want. However, factors such as budget limitations, time constraints, and resources make this hard to do. For some companies, this means that accessing stock footage can be an ideal way to still create an engaging, vibrant video for less. Most of the time, stock footage is beneficial to videos, giving you an enhanced, complete look. How can it help you?

#1: It Creates the Movie-Quality Shot

Have you ever watched television and thought you were looking at a movie clip, perhaps one for an upcoming thriller? Then, you realize suddenly it’s really a commercial for a product. As a business, you may wonder, “How can I do that on a limited budget?” Here’s the bottom line. A high-quality, cinematic shot is important to most videos. It is professional, expected, and modern. Stock footage can afford you this high quality without the high costs.

#2: Get the Shot You Otherwise Could Not

Time is a big factor even on the largest budgeted video production sets. You need time to get the perfect shot, but it does not always work that way. More so, there are some instances when you need a time shot – showing the progression of time – that you cannot sit around and wait to happen so you can film it. With the help of stock footage by a professional video company, you can capture those time sensitive shots.

#3: Your Budget Is a Factor

Everyone needs the biggest, grandest type of shot. Of course – this is what your viewer expects of you even if you are a small business. Yet, the process of creating those big budget shots isn’t always within reach. While the pressure is on for your brand to have such impressive shots, you simply may need to turn to stock footage to complete them.

#4: You Need a Conceptual Shot

Here’s another reason why you need to consider stock video – you couldn’t otherwise get the shot you want. Conceptual shots are more complex and often require more innovative thinking and planning. Stock video offers more freedom and the ability to create very different shots and patterns. When you use stock images, you can convey a bigger picture or truth than if you tried to create these shots on your own.

#5: You Need It Yesterday

Shooting custom video takes time. But, sometimes, you should have planned ahead. You may find yourself unable or limited by time when it comes to completing some of the shots for your video. That’s okay. Stock images are available to go at the last minute. This also helps those who are considering more extensive productions but have a limited timeframe to complete them.

You can have the grand scale, impressive looks you want from your video production team. And, in some cases, you can spend more to have a fantastic shot created just for your needs. But in other cases, it is not necessary and may not be worth it in the long term. Stock images and video are very accessible and beneficial in nearly any scenario and should be considered in most cases.


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