The Best Tactics for Incorporating Video into Your Sales Process

Video is highly valuable beyond just the average commercial. It can be, and often should be, at the heart of a company’s entire sales process. Because people relate to and engage with video so easily, it is one of the most powerful tools today’s companies have access to when it comes to creating that all important connection with the customer. In the sales process, there are a number of ways companies can utilize video.

Creating an Introduction Video

One of the ways to add video to the sales process is through an introduction to the company or product. This is one of the best ways to show the audience who the company is, why they should care, and, perhaps most importantly, what the company can do for them. It provides an opportunity for one-on-one face time with the company. Most companies cannot spend a great deal of time scheduling these types of introductions. But, a video can help to ensure the client gets the initial perspective. Then, the client also gets to begin creating an emotional connection with the company. Now, a conference call or sales meeting is less formal and already more familiar to them.

Sharing Assets and Opportunities

The next step in incorporating video is a step into the sales process. Here, you want to begin to share video to your prospective client that grabs hold of them. You can begin to provide more specific information here and provide more insight into the connection between your company’s products or service to the client’s needs. For example, if your company can offer the prospective client a specific manufacturing process, software development, or enhanced process, this type of video shows the customer how that works. What’s important here is to communicate the why.

One way to look at this is how it can enhance your client’s decision to invest more time into the sales process with your company. They may be hesitant to spend money to send their representative across the country to see your plant, but they can easily see a video of how the plant works and how it fits their need. In short, you want to show your customer why you can do what they need and how you will achieve their goals.

Tell Them They Can Trust You

Now, it is time to drive home what you can offer and work with your clients to show they can trust you. Erase their concerns. For example, as you work towards closing the deal, showcase a few video testimonials from previous clients. This can really seal the deal for your customers. You can provide a client story in the video. Instead of focusing on your service and product solely, turn things around and show an angle from the client’s point of view. This is what they will experience. This is what has happened previously. This is what they can expect.

When you take these steps, you enhance a customer’s ability and willingness to work with your company. They learn what your business has to offer, but they also learn about the company and about how their needs will be met throughout the process. It builds trust and lets you stand out from the competitive companies circling around you. Video provides a very clear picture of what your clients can expect.


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