Should You Be Filming in 4K?

New technology always brings photographers and video makers challenges. Is it time to switch to the latest technology or is it still in its infancy? One of the biggest changes to today’s businesses is the use of 4k technology. Also known as Ultra HD, it does offer some outstanding benefits and features. It takes only a few minutes to see the difference in the final product.

On the other hand, HD video is still pretty outstanding. And, not many people today have a TV that can handle 4k quality. Is it worth making the switch? For many of today’s users, it really can offer a variety of benefits and a significant upgrade from 1080 pixels.

The Images Are Stunningly Sharp

This is perhaps the biggest benefit users see and it is noticeable right away. The images are clear and sharp with 4k. It’s improved from traditional HD. That’s important to know especially since, when you are shooting in 4k and decide to downsample to HD, you still will see the improvement in how sharp your images look. In other words, the quality of your images greatly improves.

It’s Easy to Change Your Shots

Cropping your video or shots is rather easy to do. If you are already using HD, you know that cropping is difficult at best. However, with Ultra HD, it is much easier. Your shot will not suffer. In fact, you may find that this gives you added functionality. Who doesn’t want to have the ability to crop after the shot?

Still Frame Access Is Improved

Another interested update and functionality benefit of Ultra HD is that you can capture still frames very effectively. When you pull still frames from HD, it is never going to create that crisp look you want. That’s not the case with 4k. The shots look fabulous. There are some users who actually are willing to print from 4k, in fact, because of the quality and crispness of the video.

Stabilization Is More Profound

Another big benefit to users is that it is possible to stabilize footage you are taking and it will not create a significant impact on your video. On-location stabilizing of shots is hard to do without a crew of people to help you when you are using HD video. The camera is always going to shake at least somewhat. However, when you upgrade to 4k, this improves significantly. It is possible to zoom in and stabilize the video. Even better, no one will know what you are up to as there is no difference in the quality of the video.

Two Cameras No Longer Are Necessary

With 4k, it is possible to replace the traditional two camera setup (which you are probably using for your shots) and instead go with one. Because it is possible to zoom in so easily and you don’t lose any quality when you do, there’s no real need to worry about a two camera setup any longer.

Is it time to make the move to 4k? Only you can decide this based on the actual quality you need. However, it is still a new technology and not everyone is going to see the benefit due to the lack of 4k TVs. On the other hand, these are hitting shelves fast.


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