Video for Ambitious Small Businesses

Before Kicker:  Finding new customers, managing your team, competing and adapting in this market is a daily challenge.  Add the headache of managing costs against your growth plans this year.   Isn’t video too expensive?

After Kicker: You’ll feel a sense of relief as your video project, aimed squarely at your goal, is run by a team who have helped over 1000 small businesses grow with affordable video.

Trusted by over 1000 companies nationwide

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We offer a free initial call just to make sure we’re right for each other. We can talk about how a video project with us will help you drive new revenue.

We handle everything

We'll take care of everything. From scriptwriting, to production to all the revisions until you're happy. All with a single, dedicated project manager assigned to you.

Highly experienced

You'll get instant value from us from the first time we talk. You get small business-focused pros producing your videos, not just videographers. That’s why companies choose Kicker.


Because we know your pain.  We’ve spoken to and produced videos for over 1000 clients nationwide.  But also want to ask you questions. We want to fully understand your objectives and why they are important.   Then everything we create for you is laser focused on those objectives.  Simply, we produce small business videos that help you achieve your business goals. And nobody in this business has the kind of experience and has the awards to prove it. And we don’t charge premium fees. We’re a small firm that just gets it. Contact us to discover why.

Absolutely. Just click the Get an Estimate button at the top of this page to get started.  If you’re at the discovery stage where you’re searching for a video partner, we’d love to chat and get you information customized just for you so that you can continue your due diligence.  Just reach out!

We’ve made videos in very tight turnarounds.   But plan on 2-4 weeks depending on scope.

Our team has deep experience in budgets of all sizes. So get in touch to discuss what you are looking for and we promise to provide you with a proposal that matches your goals and your budget.    If you don’t quite know what you want and are kicking tires,  that’s OK too!  Book a call with one of our senior producers and we’ll get some some initial information.   It all starts with a free, no-hassle consultation.

Works the same way.  We take the time and care to research and plan each video.  If you’re planning on 3+ videos in a year, we can certainly offer a “loyalty” rate.  Ask us for more details.

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Capture results, build trust and win new business

Marketing videos, testimonial videos and how-to videos are cornerstone pieces of content you need.  Turn these videos lose for 24/7 lead generation, client communication and (let’s not forget) taking on bigger competitors in your market.  Level the playing field and stay in budget with Kicker Video.

Have a look at some of our Video work.

We’ve produced hundreds of videos for businesses just like yours nationwide.  

Watch our clients talk about working with Kicker

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Product Marketing, Communications

“We’re a research firm, so we researched a lot of different companies, and Kicker’s work stood out for us.  The team is amazing, and it was all easy —  which is great because we didn’t have a lot of time to spend.  A great experience.”

  Watch 1:43


Marketing Manager


“Working with Kicker was ideal.  From meeting Paul and the team, we knew they had the experience we were looking for.  In the end, the animated video was exactly what we were looking for.  Great creative, and great results.” 

  Watch 1:38


Marketing Manager


“We were looking for a video vendor that could take our ideas and execute.  The Kicker team is a joy to work with.  Our product video came out beautifully, and we’d gladly work with Kicker again.”

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Got Questions?  Need help scoping your project?  Our Team is happy to help you plan your next video project and get a solid estimate and timeline.

Or call us at 888-294-9393

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  Meet Anna. 00:23

As small business owners, we share many of the same challenges

How videos provide a boost:

1. Finding new customers: Videos can be used to create engaging and informative content that will help a small business connect with potential customers and stand out in a crowded market. 

2. Generating leads: Videos can be used to showcase a company’s products or services and generate interest in the business. They can be shared on social media and other platforms to increase brand awareness and attract new leads. 

3. Making sales: Videos can be used to provide detailed product demos and explain the features and benefits of a company’s products or services. This can be an effective way to communicate the value of a product or service to potential customers, which can help close deals and make sales. 

4. Retaining customers: Videos can be used to create a relationship and build trust with customers, which can help retain them over time. This can be achieved through customer testimonials and by providing educational and informative videos. 

5. Competing with larger businesses: Videos can help small businesses create a more professional image, increase brand awareness and connect with potential customers, which can help level the playing field and compete with larger businesses. 

6. Managing cash flow: Videos can be used to create a library of assets that can be reused and repurposed over time. This can help small business owners be more efficient with their marketing budget and manage cash flow more effectively. 

7. Adapting to market changes: Videos can be used to quickly and effectively respond to changes in the market by highlighting the relevance of the product to current trends or addressing new features that can meet the market’s demands.

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