The upcoming Microsoft Teams upgrade is a gamechanger

Microsoft Teams announced to fix a small widespread problem that will facilitate your video calls. It’s going to fix a really annoying problem every Teams user probably experienced.

This new keyboard shortcut will help you save time when communicating on video calls. “Ctrl Spacebar” will allow you to shorten the amount of time it takes you to mute or unmute yourself during a video call.

Microsoft Teams already has a mute/unmute feature that most users don’t know about, which is a three-button shortcut: Ctrl, Shift, M. Then again, this old keyboard entry is more complicated to execute than the new feature launching soon.

Altogether, you won’t have to experience the delays that come with users forgetting to unmute themselves, resulting in time spent on mentioning ‘’You are on mute, we can’t hear you’’ or ‘’Please mute’’. Furthermore, because of this simple function, background sounds will be less frequent.

This new Teams feature is planned to launch very soon next month.


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