Video and SEO: How Does it Work?

You know the importance of using SEO in your online marketing efforts. It is at the heart of every marketing campaign online and needs to provide the right focus to attract search engines. But, you’ve also learned about video and just how powerful it is. Not only do people watch video, but they are more likely to share videos and engage with companies that post videos. How do SEO and videos relate? How can you ensure that the videos you create and publish are going to give you all of the SEO boost they possibly can? There are several things to know here.

Content Really Does Matter

It used to be that website owners would spend a great deal of time (and money) on building links for their websites. Then, there was a time that it was all about shoving as many keywords as possible into the content. But, throughout this time and even more so today, it is increasingly important and valuable for website owners to provide quality content. By and large, website visitors want good information. And, search engines want to reward websites that offer good information with better ranking in those engines. And, video, plays a very important role in providing that high level of content.

Search engines recognize the value and importance of video. They tend to rank websites that have custom made and high quality video higher in the search engines than those that do not. A good example of this may be in your social media marketing. Facebook has come out and said that it will rank brand pages higher when they contain video within the News Feed. Higher ranking simply means more videos and more engagement.

But, How Can You Attract Better Rankings With SEO?

There are multiple ways to use videos to build SEO for your website or social media presence. Here are some examples:

  • Use video to build links and to generate shares on social media websites. People like to share videos especially when they are unique and interesting enough. Educate them, make them laugh, or shock them so they share your video including the links you get.
  • Use video as a conversion tool. Video is a fantastic way to turn people who are otherwise just following you into buyers. This happens because video attracts more people to your website and then can help to sell your product.
  • Utilize good SEO within your video meta tags and descriptions. You can still incorporate keywords and tags that will boost SEO into your content. It’s important to do this to increase ranking potential with the video on your website.

What’s important here is to incorporate video. The more you do so, the more likely you are to create the engagement and brand awareness that your company needs to turn visitors into buyers. Video can provide a wide range of opportunities. It can educate, entertain, shock, and inform your buyers. And, it can provide you with countless opportunities to learn what your customers want and need from you as well. Video opens conversations that can change the course of your business and enhance the way you achieve your long term and short term goals. For most companies, it also aids in helping to rank websites, blogs, and social media pages higher in search engines. What can video do for your SEO campaign?


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