Video for Business: Summer Camp

It’s time to start working on your video production. If you are sponsoring an event, such as a summer camp, you need to use video to capture the attention and interests of those who will be a part of it. Perhaps you are a camp director hoping to fill up spots. Or, you may be marketing a program to a brand new group of people. Video is one of the best routes to take. It provides comprehensive access and connects with people instantly.

How Do You Create a Showcase Video?

A showcase video is one that, as its name implies, showcases what your organization has to offer. It’s your time to shine. You can use this video for a variety of reasons:

  • Use it to attract campers who will sign up to participate.
  • Use it to attract employees to work at the camp.
  • Use it to attract sponsors who can help pay for your needs.

Once you determine who your viewer is, you can begin to pull together the pieces that will make up your video. Most importantly, it needs to stand out from other locations offering programs.

Strategies for Effective Videos

Outline some basic goals for your video. Then, use these tips to help you to create the stunning, upbeat video that will attract your desired audience.

  • Get creative. There’s no reason to make this the same as every other camp. Instead, use the creativity that you count on with your camp counselors to develop a theme. Show off activities, but also provide a few jokes.
  • Keep it lighthearted and fun. Many people who go to camp want to have fun there. This is one of the most important components of any successful camping experience no matter who is attending. Be sure your video captures that fun atmosphere.
  • Don’t go too long. Most of the time, you only get a few minutes to make your point. Keep your video to under five minutes. And, be sure the best information and content is at the start of it.
  • Add real people to the roles. To connect with your audience, use people who work at your camp to create these images. You can even embed photos from previous experiences.

Perhaps one of the most important steps to take in creating camp videos is to make them beautiful and attention-grabbing. You also want them to be edited professionally. For this reason, it is often best for you to work with a professional video production company. Video adds a lot of depth to your marketing. It can help your camp come to life. You want people to think, “I want to be there this summer!” Your video can make that possible.


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