Video: The Tool You Need to Find and Nurture Highly Attractive Leads

Video has fast become one of the most powerful tools available to today’s small to medium business and marketer. Incorporating it in every component of your campaign isn’t just about getting the attention of individuals, but teaching them, growing their interest in your brand, and building long-term clients or customers as a result. How can you use video as a tool to first find the leads you need and then to help you to nurture them into buying from you? It may not be as complex as you think.

How to Generate Leads Using Video

Video has become one of the most important components to marketing campaigns today. Consumers are more likely to watch videos than they are to read a paragraph of information. They are more likely to watch video than they are to click through to “learn more.” In a recent survey from Vidyard, it found that 74% of B2B marketers believe video converts better than all types of other content. So, how can it help you to generate leads:

• Put a “gate” in front of your videos. To view the video, visitors must first provide some basic information such as email addresses.
• Use a call to action within your video to give them the opportunity to get more information easily.
• Place contact information right within the video. A simple detail at the end that gives them your contact information allows the viewer to instantly click on a link to get to your site’s contact page or buying pages.
• Use video testimonials to draw in your customer base.
• Explainer videos is another type of tool that can work well.

Now that you have leads coming in, you need to take those leads and make them paying customers. Video can help you to do that, too.

How to Nurture Leads Through Video

A key fact for marketers and business owners to know here is that today’s consumer is taking more control over the buying process than ever. It’s really less in-your-hand as a retailer. It’s not about commercials. It’s about providing your customer with the information and tools he or she needs to learn and decide on your project. Video can be an excellent tool for this.

Whether through websites, social media, emails, or third-party websites, video can help you to give consumers the information they need to make a buying decision. For example, explainer videos are very powerful because they teach your client base about the product or service you have to offer in just a few minutes of their time. Designed properly, it can help to build your brand, showcase why the buyer simply must have what you are offering, and give them the ability to make a purchase.

You’ll want to create videos designed to nurture and expand the client or customer’s understanding of what you have to offer. Email campaigns, a series of blog posts, and even paid video content can help you to do just that.

The goal here is to incorporate video into your marketing campaign as both a tool to bring people in and a way to get them to buy. When you do this you achieve better ROI and better brand recognition that can last you for years to come.


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