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4 Misconceptions Keeping you from Doing a Video

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My Product Is too Boring

If you have a product or service that is needed, there are creative channels to help you better reach your audience. No matter what the product is, even if it is a staple food like rice, in this globalised and competitive economy. it is still important to advertise. No company should think their market share is so safe, they do not need to advertise. Advertising is an effort to consciously connect with your client base and to get new persons on board. Ideas like thinking your product is too boring to advertise can turn into a nightmare later on. In fact, I am sure if you ran a contest on uses of your product, you would have found many creative ways to use your product, and, you could use these ideas to make a video.

My Product Has to Sell Regardless

No matter how much your product is ‘needed’, it is still important to reinforce its importance to your clients or even show some appreciation to them. The mistake a lot of companies in monopoly situations make is to assume that their products will always be selling and little or no effort is needed. When this monopoly is broken the customers flee to the competitor and it is at time that the company tries to sway the populace with ads and promotions. Keep ahead of the game and keep yourself visible in the market.

No One Watches Video Ads

This would not just be a misconception this would be the total opposite of reality. Everyone watches video ads! The viewership and attention to video content is like no other. If you should use videos placed on YouTube as an example, a video from a popular artist will count over one millions views in one day. This is way ahead of the first day sales for even a bestselling novel. Billboards are no longer stationary images pasted on skyscrapers but they are all becoming electronic screens showing video and rotating ads. Video is the way to go, so get with the times!

Videos Are for Big Companies with Lots of Profit

Not at all. Big companies often started as small entities that grew over time as the customer base got larger and the volume of business increased. All your business may need is the chance to grow and become huge. One of the ways to do this is to advertise; right now one of the most effective means of advertising is doing a video ad. This can help to drive new customers to your business and notify the general public of your offerings. The more people know about your product/services, the more likely it will be that they will request it when they need that kind of product /service.

The best way to find out how a video will affect your business is by creating one. Contact Kicker when you are ready, we are here to help.


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