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Best Form of Advertising: Video

A Video Is Worth More than a Thousand Words

Child Yelling - Best Form of Advertising

How much more beneficial is a video ad versus a billboard still image ad? When the math’s is done, which one does the audience prefer? Well as audiences’ ourselves, here are some reason why we like videos and we think they are the best form of advertising.

Videos Move

This sounds oddly simplistic but I can tell you that though a video can be categorized as simply moving pictures. We tend to prefer it over flipping through tons of pictures, even if they show the same message. If you ever watched a child play, they tend to get drawn to the toys that move and make sounds more than colouring or still images of cartoon characters. We love moving pictures and hearing the screen talk to us. You can also view video hands-free while scrolling through pictures need some interaction with the device.

Videos Speak

I hinted at this above, that videos speak so that is one of the reasons why we love them. This is true. We can get tons of information shortened in point form without scrolling or reading. This is one of the amazing benefits of video from the customer perspective. We can get our information on the go, and can pause, rewind fast forward with little effort.

Humor is Channeled Better through Video

If a joke is told in a forest and there is no one around to hear it, does it make a sound? Well, I do not know the answer to that, but I know I prefer to hear a joke than to read it. Sometimes the humor of a video – for example the Geico caveman commercials – could only be expressed as such. It would be hard to ‘explain’ as still images or as text. We love our extremely hilarious video commercials, and I am sure maybe we even take the time to look them up on YouTube© so we can laugh at them some more.

Videos Are Easier to Share

Email it, send a link to it, post it on YouTube or Bluetooth it. It is so much easier to share video media – and it’s more likely to pique the interest of the receiver- than some other forms of media. We carry videos around on our phone and at a moment’s notice are willing to share it. How often did someone offer to show you a video of something at some random place on their smart phone? How often did someone offer to show you a document outlining supplier’s services in text form on a Smartphone? Exactly, my point, I am sure the last scenario happens the least or never at all.

These are only some of the reasons why a video is better from a customer perspective. Contact Kicker for your next video.


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