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There are many reasons to share your success through video. In fact, highlighting some of your strong points can score you even more customers. If you are a successful company doing all these wonderful things, then you have the right to be proud. Gloat a little and keep your visibility in the market with a well produced video. Here are some reasons to show off your success with a well produced video.

Reaffirm to Your clients Why They Used You

You have a retention rate of maybe 50% and you want that to improve. You may even have a retention rate that is even higher. Yes, your clients already know what you do, but you may have increased your offerings or revamped them a bit. So get a video highlighting all of the finer points of your services and market this with brochures and phone calls. Create a video page on one of the popular sites and put it where your clients can see it. Keep your brand and services in their minds.

Show New Prospects What You Have to Offer

Many people may find it tedious to search through pages on a website for the ‘services’ page. In fact, if you have the ability to eliminate that all together, then why not? Create an effective and well created video of your services and place it on your services page and market it on your social networking sites. This will provide a quick and easy synopsis of your services and will be easy for even the least internet savvy to access.

Keep Visibility in the Market

Don’t let people forget about your business, keep it in the forefront of their minds with a video highlighting your best services and accomplishments. Ensure that you are vibrant in the marketplace and you can use catchy videos to help. If your clients remember you and new clients can see your work, then they are more likely to enquire about your services and work with you.

Keep Your Employees Excited about What You Do

Your internal customers should already be familiar the company’s mission statement, vision statement and service offerings. In a large corporation the locations and team members may be disjointed, as such they may welcome reminders. A video outlining the culture of the organization and its services may breathe fresh air into the organization and make the workers feel noticed by even just the slightest mention. A video highlighting how your services have touched others and showing a commitment to family values and corporate responsibility may help retain staff by boosting their impression of the company they work for.

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