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Key Tips for the Successful Production of Your Concept

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There are many times that clients have a wonderful idea for promoting their product. A concept that they want to create and highlight through a video production, but in the end it falls short of their expectations. Sometimes the reasons are obvious. Sometimes the excitement of the initial idea is just not portrayed in the final product. While your idea of the concept was bright and fun, the end result was a drab array of moving images. Your idea died somewhere along the way.

You then ask, “How do I prevent this from happening again?” You want to have an idea of how to have the vibrancy you envision to follow through to the final product. You want your company’s tone and image to be appropriately represented. You want all of this, but you need help to ensure it gets done.

The advice I have is simple. Follow these basic tips and you will be guaranteed to have a more successful production of your concept.

1. Own Your Concept

Have a clear understanding of what it is that you want. Jot it down, explain it, do a full scale mock-up. Know what you want the entire video product to relay. If you have definite notes and the concept properly outlined, then you can put this in a tangible format for the production company to follow. Voila!

2. Be Proactive about the Production Process.

Keep track of your deadlines and deliverables so that you can be in touch with each stage. This will ensure any alteration from original concept will be caught and addressed early in the process. Additionally, if you need a little alteration in the concept you will be able to provide valuable feedback in the early stages. The earlier the better!

3. Be Honest with Your Opinions.

It is your money being spent, so ultimately the final say goes to you. If there is something you do not like or would like an explanation for, ask early. This will ensure that there are no surprises in the final product.

With so many mediums to channel your hard earned cash and so many competing products in the market, it has become even more important to watch your pockets. To ensure the best product from your suppliers therefore, you have to be mindful of their processes and guide it where you can to control the services you receive.

Kicker has years of successful video production, however we can say we could not do it without the great clients we’ve had. Ultimately it’s their input that has made each project a success. So play your part to ensure to product you get, is the one you are happy with.


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